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About Delmer A. Gross M.S.
Delmer A. Gross  has been a full time polygraph examiner since 2004 for the Indiana State Police conducting over one thousand criminal and pre-employment polygraphs.  Mr. Gross has been trained in the federal polygraph method and the Empirical Scoring System, which includes the  application of science and research in polygraph testing.  Use of these methods provide a 95% or higher confidence level of polygraph results.  Mr. Gross has testified as an expert on polygraph in state courts.  Mr. Gross was elected president of the Indiana Polygraph Association and appointed to the Standards of Practice committee with the American Polygraph Association in 2011. 

Mr. Gross has been PCSOT certified since 2005.  He has also practiced as a private polygraph examiner  previously  for Liberty Behavioral Health Corporation  and other therapists conducting post-conviction sex offender therapy.  Mr. Gross has maintained PCSOT in-service training through the American Polygraph Association and the Indiana Polygraph Association.

Mr. Gross holds a Master of Science degree from Indiana State University in criminology/criminal justice. He has authored several professional articles published in a peer-reviewed journal and trade magazines. Mr. Gross has trained other new polygraph examiners and has presented at polygraph in-service training sessions on interviewing subjects.  He has also taught interview skills to new Indiana State Police recruits at the state police academy, along with other agencies.  Mr. Gross has served twenty-two years with the Indiana State Police. His major positions included, trooper for six years, detective for nine years, and polygraph examiner for the past seven years.

Integrative Polygraph is now bringing that training and experience to those whom would not normally have access to such a powerful  and accurate tool as polygraph. It offers polygraph to law enforcement, correctional departments, fire departments, probation departments, and the therapy profesional, along with others needing a professional polygraph examination.   Integrative Polygraph does not conduct criminal polygraph examinations 

Integrative Polygraph & Training offers instruction to law enforcement, child protection services, and businesses in interviewing, child abuse investigations, and confession evidence. Integrative Polygraph & Training is recognized by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board as a training provider in the course "Confession Evidence: Withstanding the Scrutiny."
Indiana Private Polygraph Certification # 380.